Brown & Brown


You have our undivided attention.

The first step in crafting the right appearance is where we get to know you, your lifestyle, your budget, and your existing wardrobe. A huge part of what makes a custom suit truly bespoke is matching your life and personality to create a profile for the sharpest style possible.  Whether you are building a personal brand, or simply dressing to impress, whatever your aesthetic needs are, we will discover how to best craft your attire.



 Understanding You

If the devil is in the details, you will be one handsome devil.

After gaining an understanding of your style situation, we drill down into the nitty-gritty details of your ideal aesthetic. These are the details that separate the generic from the exceptional. We will go over options for fabrics, swatches, stitching, buttons, cuffs, collars and any detail you could imagine. We offer decades of design expertise and a library of look books to help you create a perfectly unique style. Whether you are building off a style you’ve seen before or creating your own from the look from scratch, we stop at nothing to help you craft your perfect image.

  • We work exclusively with high quality imported wools, linens, cashmere and Egyptian, Pima, and Sea Island cottons.

  • We pride ourselves on educating our clients about the different fabric options and what will be most suitable for their needs. Our fabric options include names such as Dormeuil, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Gladson, and Kemp and Hewitt.

  • Our signature line which provides even more detailed sewing and stitching for your garment. All of our signature label suits have our luxury finish along with the signature of our father, company founder, and legendary Master Tailor, Eugene M. Brown, Sr.



The Perfect Fit

Yes, we mean perfect.

Part of what makes a bespoke suit the best suit you’ll ever wear is our incredibly detailed measurements. There are no standards involved here, bespoke tailoring is made entirely from scratch based on your specifications. After discussing your body type and fitting options, we take over 20 measurements to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. You will work directly with one of our Master Tailors who will handcraft your garment in full canvas. There is no comparison to a truly bespoke suit.

Measurement Profile:

  • Capturing the right measurement profile is critical to tailoring the perfect fit. Bringing in your best fitting garment, or beginning with some “off the rack” clothing can help provide a good frame of reference for how you would prefer your fit.

  • We take pictures of our clients in fitted clothing to retain a profile for all future garments and to provide recommendations. 

  • Bespoke tailoring is the ultimate fit, and there is nothing standard about our process. We take your body type, build, posture, and all possible factors into account to make sure your fit is just right.



 Bring It Home

Your suit will speak for you.

Once we have hand-stitched your ensemble to your exact specifications, we will call you in to try on your garments. This is where we will make any final tweaks or alterations. Putting on a suit that is fitted “just right” is an unmatched experience, and we are relentless in giving this finesse to our clients. After achieving the perfect style and fit, we only ask that you prepare to be noticed.