About Brown & Brown


How you carry yourself says alot about you. That’s why we make it our business to make clothes that let you speak.

Our goal is to take away reasons for people to not hear you. When you look good, people will focus on you, because they want to. When you walk the right walk, people will listen to you talk.

How do we make sure you have the proper finesse? We customize everything down to the most minute detail. Seriously, nothing is off the table.

We also offer expertise and advice on what style and fit will work best for your job, lifestyle, and goals.

Once you are properly fitted, you’ll never have to wonder if you look the part.


Fashion is Our Heritage


Fashion is in our blood, and has been for generations. Our father, Eugene Brown Sr. carried a lifetime of experience as a Master Tailor and fashion expert.

The biggest lesson we’ve learned? Our suits are for life, but the impression you leave is your legacy.